Sansevieria fernwood

Sansevieria fernwood

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Sansevieria Fernwood is a compact hybrid Snake Plant. Fernwood Sansevieria has dark green leaves with striking light green tiger-print striping. it's an interesting fountain-like shape look for a more modern look.

Considered virtually indestructible this is an excellent choice for most places. Snake plants are great for darker offices and their air-purifying qualities make them ideal for the bedroom too.

Light: These plants will tolerate low to bright indirect light, but if you want faster growth, place them in bright indirect light.

Water: Water this plant only when the soil is completely dry.

Temperature: Average household temperatures

Feed: Use a ½-strength complete liquid once a month during the growing season.

Size: Pot Diameter x Total Height - 12cm x 30cm
Choose a cover pot with a 13 - 16cm opening

NOTE:This plant is toxic if ingested, be careful around pets and children