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Rhipsalis cassutha - Mistletoe cactus

Rhipsalis cassutha - Mistletoe cactus

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There are two different types of cacti - desert and forest. Rhipsallis is the latter. Forest cacti are usually spineless, and often have a mass of thinner stems that trail or branch out. 

With it's bizarre long stems and low care needs the Rhipsalis cassuthamakes an excellent choice for a hanging plant.

Light: Place your mistletoe cactus in an area that receives, indirect light or partial shade.

Water: Keep the soil moist but not water logged during the growing season, cut back on water during the winter months.

Temperature: Average to warm household temperatures

Feed: A weak solution of cactus feed once or twice a year

Size: Pot Diameter x Total length - 19cm x 55cm

NOTE: This plant is toxic to pets and humans if ingested so be careful around pets and children.