Monstera deliciosa - Swiss cheese plant

Monstera deliciosa - Swiss cheese plant

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The Swiss Cheese Plant was a 70's cult classic, its retro-chic appeal makes it just as popular today and rightly so. Its large, glossy, heart shaped, leaves add fantastic impact with their perforations and lobes, which develop as the leaf matures.

It is actually a climber, using its aerial roots in its native rain forests to scale to enormous (monstrous) heights. Grown indoors it needs space and looks great in a hallway, conservatory or a corner of a modern living space.

Light: Medium to bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light levels.

Water: Allow the soil to dry out a little bit between waterings

Temperature: Average household temperatures

Feed: Use a complete liquid fertiliser every fortnight during the growing season

Size: Pot Diameter x Total Height - 19cm x 75cm
Choose a cover pot with a 19 - 21cm opening

NOTE: This plant is toxic to pets and humans if ingested so be careful around pets and children.