Asparagus Setaceus - Asparagus fern

Asparagus Setaceus - Asparagus fern

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Asparagus setaceus plumosus - Aspragus fern is an elegant fern with long wiry stems and lovely frond-like sprays that scramble outwards horizontally. It is bushy initially, developing long, twining stems of bright green, feathery fronds.

Asparagus setaceus plumosus is also known as Lace Fern, Common Asparagus Fern or Climbing Asparagus. Although it is called a fern, it is really a member of the lily family.

Light: Soft, bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight may scorch the needles, whereas insufficient light may turn them yellow and cause them to drop.

Water: Keep the soil moist at all times but do not allow to stand in water. Less water is required during the winter but don’t let the soil dry out completely.

Temperature: Average household temperatures, do not allow to become too cold during winter.

Feed: Fertilize with a weak solution during the growing season.

Size: Pot Diameter x Total Height - 12cm x 25cm
Choose a cover pot with a 13 - 16cm opening

NOTE: This plant is toxic to pets and humans if ingested so be careful around pets and children.