Join the Plant Club

We want to reward you for being amazing

Can't own too many plants? Absolutely nothing wrong with that, 
Now you can enjoy a rewards program that rewards your houseplant love.

How It Works

Sign Up: Signing up is easy, Just enter your name and email address and a password to start earning plant points.
Earn Points: Start earning as soon as you sign up. There's 20 points just for signing up  and you'll earn two points  for every pound spent.
Grab Bonus Points: There's extra points up for grabs for being active on social media. And a free gift on your birthday. 
Redeem: Now we're talking! Once you've saved enough  plant points you can use them  for discounts on purchases or save them up for even bigger  discounts

 Earn Points

Signup - 20 Points
Place an order - 2 Points for every £1 spent
Like on Facebook - 20 Points
Follow on Instagram - 20 Points
Celebrate a birthday - 100 Points



Spend Points

Earn 100 points and get a £1 coupon off your purchases
Earn 300 points and get a £5 coupon off your purchases
Earn 500 points and get a £10 coupon off your purchases



 Sign Up to Plant Points



Common Questions:

How do I sign up for Plant Points?
Create a House of Botanics account by clicking the Plant Points Rewards icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Be sure to sign up to our email newsletter too to get the inside scoop on all new product releases, sales, and event info.
How do I check my points balance?
Checking your point balance is easy! Simply visit and log into your account by click the Plants Points Rewards icon located in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. You will be able to see your point balance and how close you are to reaching your next reward.
Do my points expire?
Points will only expire after an extended period of inactivity. As long as you continue to earn and spend points, they'll remain in your account. In rare cases, we will notify you if your points are going to expire.
How can I spend my points?
You can spend your points by opening the Plant Points Rewards icon and viewing your available rewards. We’ll also send you an email when you have enough points to redeem for a reward. You cannot use Points to buy gift cards.
How do I find my code if I lose it?
No worries! You can find your code in the "Your Rewards" section on the Plants Points Rewards app. 
Who should I contact if I’m having issues with my account?
Feel free to contact us anytime, with any questions at We're happy to help!


*DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to exclude any member from our Plants Points Rewards  Program.