Fern Care

Ferns are ancient, dating all the way back to the Carboniferous period. These indoor plants are living reminders of ages gone by, Most ferns require the same basic care but they’ll need just a bit more looking after than other tropical plants because they love a humid environment.

Light: Grow your ferns in a medium to bright spot with filtered, dappled or indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight

Water: Ferns need constant moisture, but don’t let them sit in standing water.  More importantly, do not neglect to water your fern. When that happens, you will find a dying fern surrounded by a ring of brown, crunchy leaves. Consistent watering is the aim

Temperature: Normal household temperatures are fine but keep away from draughts

Feed: Occasionally through the growing season, cut back on feeding during the winter months

Humidity: Ferns love humidity and is a must to keep your fern in good condition. A humidifier is the most effective way to raise the moisture level in your home. If you don’t have a humidifier, group your plants together, or place them on top a tray of pebbles and water.

Top Tips:

  • Keep your fern away from hot and cold air drafts. This includes window drafts, heaters, and air conditioning.
  • Only fertilize your indoor plants after you’ve saturated the soil with water; this avoids burning the roots and foliage.
  • Group ferns together to make caring for them easier.
  • Leave your ferns in the grow pots or plant in nonporous pots as this helps keep their soil moist.